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US Dedicated Short Code

Enable Immediate Mobile Customer Feedback and Participation

Use this five- or six-digit number to provide customers with an easy to memorize code that enables immediate participation in marketing campaigns. Dedicated Short Codes are capable of enabling high volume outbound mobile communication to opt-in subscribers and also perfect for enabling mobile responses for print, radio, TV, event or FMCG packaging campaigns.

A US Dedicated Short Code from Clickatell enables advanced mobile marketing capabilities, including easy-to-use bi-directional communication, unlimited keyword use  and vanity short codes that translate your brand name into a corresponding five- or six-digit number that can be requested as a vanity short code, when available eg. GECKO = 43256


Integrate a US Dedicated Short Code for Mobile Messaging from any Application

Clickatell’s US Dedicated Short Code routing profile works with Developers’ Central, providing you with easy app integration options via our complete range of SMS gateway APIs including HTTP/S, SMPP, FTP, SOAP, SMTP, XML and Com Object.

Let Clickatell Handle the Registration!

A US Dedicated Short Code must be approved by each US carrier for specific service types eg. alerts, PINs, polls, marketing and others. Clickatell manages the US carrier approval process for you with a hassle-free registration service that manages the complete application and dedicated short code provisioning process.


Pricing for a US Dedicated Short Code consists of a setup fee and a monthly rental fee, based on either a random Short Code or a vanity Short Code (subject to availability).

Fee type Setup Monthly
Random short code (5 digit) $1,500 $800
Vanity short code (5 or 6 digit) subject to availability $1,500 $1,300
T-Mobile USA* $500 -
Virgin Mobile USA** $175 -
MetroPCS $500 -
Sprint (incl. Boost)*** $150 -


Message Pricing

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Sign up now for a Developers’ Central account and select the US Dedicated Short Code routing profile on the account registration page. Once your account has been created, a Clickatell representative will be in contact with you to register your US Dedicated Short Code and to have it provisioned for your desired service type on all US carriers.

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